Dead Channels

by Teenage Mysticism

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released February 14, 2012

Recorded by Brendon Massei

Extra instrumentation and voices by Brendon Massei, Laura Goetz, and Spencer Kingman

Mastered by Alex Saltz at APS Mastering, NYC



all rights reserved


Teenage Mysticism Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Track Name: 200 Lafayette
well i'm useless but i'm used to it as i'm sinking, drinking whatever's left from a bottle off my bedroom floor. ah-ooo.
visions of my death in a train station, a pound of flesh for a new location, a thrift store brooch on a railway track... cus i've never wanted anything i could have.
well i'm starved for any form of yr affection. chalk it up to a bad connection but whenever we talk i feel like i'm tapping wires cus i've never wanted anyone i could have.
no i've never wanted anything i could have.
Track Name: Dead Channels Go Forever
everybody wants to go home to their mothers and say they're sorry but i don't really want to... no, i just wanna go forever.
Track Name: White Elephants
i fed my heart to the f3 bus, william's room and my teenage fuss. i've got my hair in knots from my nervous love but has love ever been enough? built up my confidence on half meant compliments, my happiness upon conjecture... i've got these notebook rhymes to waste my time as my pockets fill up with dramatic gestures.
give yrself wholeheartedly to the things that you adore and you won't have yrself anymore.
i offered my bones to the graveyard, that beast with its tombstone teeth. read all the names till they all sound the same and i wonder what it's like down there, underneath. i wanna call up my friends and hang out again but i'm scared that they're all so sick of me so i lay on some grave and i listen for trains. on the off-chance you're looking, this is where i'll be.
fossilize all of those tears you cry in the words of a sad pop song and you'll carry around that feeling for far too long (and everything else that you do is gonna come out wrong).
i lost my mind in a train station, in those catacombs below. i've got these shaking hands and drunken travel plans and nowhere else to go. so i wander the streets and i stare at my feet, all these brick sidewalks that i have come to know and i realize after all this time: all those things you love, you gotta let them go before they kill you.
and give yrself wholeheartedly to the friends that you adore and you won't have yrself anymore.
so tell me what was all that giving for?